Well, then ngopikere regarded as an activity that can not be meant just like that, it becomes a tradition or culture for any bloggers in Indonesia, although the old culture also doing this ‘ngopi’ or ‘have some coffee times together’ have a gahtering while drink coffee, with no frills bloggers or a particular community.

In May 10-12th 2013 will perform an event and community gathering onliner to do ‘ngopikere’ at the top of one of the limestone hills in the mountains Menoreh, west of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, precisely in the village Terban, District Kaligesing, Purworedjo, Central Java.

Our friends from out of town, you can go from the east of Yogyakarta, gathered at Infest and or Jogloabang. From the west can go straight to the city Purworedjo to then climb up a small hill called ‘Mount Kelir’.

Our principals ‘ngopikere’ invites you all to come and having fun for 2 to 3 days. We can surf, chat, discussion of the minor to severe problems.

We are waiting for you, to come enjoy coffee, tea, mutton and various traditional foods and Purworedjo Jogja on ngopikere. And let us camping, in the cool mountain air.